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 Sharon Sites Adams - Biography

Sharon Sites Adams grew up on the high desert of Central Oregon. Took her first sailing lesson at Marina Del Rey, Ca. in October 1964 at the age of 34.
Sailed solo to Hawaii June l965 in a 25’ Folkboat "Sea Sharp".
Has over 30,000 miles blue water including 71 islands in the S. Pacific.
Has climbed an erupting volcano and visited two cannibal tribes and stayed overnight with one, which has had no communication or idea of the outside world.

Was the only civilian besides the Captain’s wife on the bridge of the QUEEN MARY when she rounded Cape Horn on her final voyage to LongBeach, Ca.

Has sailed across the highest Navigatable Lake in the world, Lake Titicaca in the high Andes.

Sharon Adams is the first woman in the world to single-hand the Pacific Ocean, Yokohama to San Diego. The voyage took 75 days. 6000 miles in a Mariner 3l, "Sea Sharp II".
She  arrived off the California as Armstrong stepped on the moon.
Sharon has traveled New Zealand and lived a year on the west coast of Australia sailing the Indian Ocean.

Mostly she has been self employed until her retirement 8 years ago. She is now active in our Senior Center, go to the gym 3 days a week and tend my garden.

Her greatest joy,  is doing adventure programs for civic groups, clubs, etc…..and now hearing from Mariner owners.

(By the way, "SEA SHARP II" was not Sharon's. Clair Oberly built it for her,  to sail and made the changes she wanted to enable her to single-hand.)

Thank you again, Clair !!!