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The cost for a MOA Burgee is $25.00 (includes shipping & handling)

Payment options are: Personal Checks, Paypal, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express.

Liz Fagel
4727 W. River Ridge Rd.
Ocqueoc, MI 49759-9763

*Please send your inquiry to Liz Fagel at the address above (if you're using the Post Office) or email her using the link below.
*You can order more than one Burgee if you wish. Just calculate the cost.
*Please be patient. Allow sufficient time to have the Burgee made and mailed to you.

The Burgees are made out of 4 oz. nylon with Dacron Insignia material (material used for numbers on sails), for the Mariner Logo.  Also used is, one inch-webbing on the "hoist" of the flag, grommets and  UV resistant polyester thread. The size is 24"x15".
The MOA Burgees are being made by Liz Fagel. Liz is a fellow MOA member and owner of "DragonV" a Mariner40.

Liz Fagel owns and operates Alpaca Nation

To email Liz: Click here